The purpose of life is to become a butterfly........most people remain as caterpillars.


I heard this quote recently and it made me think how much courage it involves to take risks to challenge one's self in life. Most of the time this involves venturing into new territories, learning a new way to think, and surrendering to " what is possible " --to become a butterfly and discover you highest potential! I see this every time I teach a class. I see how your hard efforts pay off and how you evolve and grow.... this gift is yours to enjoy!


This is an example of a small group of yoga students who sent in their insightful comments on "How Yoga has changed my life (or my day)" . Thank you for sharing your observations and deeply thought out words.  And thank you for the many more who meant to do so (you are still welcome to send your comments)!  The winner of the drawing (thanks to the help of 2 yr. old Robin & 4 yr. old Phoebe at our ILYC birthday pot-luck on Tuesday): Lew Roberts: One yoga book of your choice from our "Yoga store" and two free classes.

               Helen Gent: two free classes.  

               Kerry Ann Humphrey: one free class.  


        Congratulations to every one-- you are all winners!


Below are the the inspiring comments of some of ILYC beautiful "butterflies"! I hope you enjoy reading them! 


Namaste (the inner light within me, bows to the inner light with in you),






I've always believed exercise can cure any ailment whether it be physical or emotional.  Through the "exercise" of yoga there is the possibility of curing a wounded spirit. 

--Elsa, Hurricane




I just wanted to enter "how my life has improved with yoga" because I really
appreciate your class. I haven't done yoga enough to greatly change
physically or mentally, but I'm definitely in better shape because of it. I
always feel good after class and am someone who gets a lot more energy by
doing physical activity, especially yoga.
And especially now in my somewhat isolated situation it's nice to have a yoga

studio here and have you and Ray as friends. I think physical well being
and having a sense of community are very important parts of life, and yoga
is part of this for me.

-- Bryan , Hurricane



As far as the benefits I have received from yoga, they are numerous and significant.  I do feel more balanced when I am attending and practicing regularly. I notice I feel more relaxed, more aware of my own body and its needs.  I tend to carry over suggestions I receive in class.  One day I was carrying a backpack and became aware of the sensation of my abdomen pushing into my spine and my spine pushing into the backpack.  I felt strong and balanced.

I have learned more about focusing on the now.  It is as though I have rushed through so much of life to get to the next "thing."  I am more aware that the moment is precious and needs to be enjoyed for what it is.

Also I have physically noted less pain.  I have had a chronic shoulder irritation.  At first when in class I was afraid to use it too much or count on it to support me.  Then I noticed a difference after class for 48 hours where the pain would subside.  Now I only notice an occasional twinge of pain.  Most of the time in class I am still aware of some weakness but I am gaining confidence in the injured appendage to operate more like the other one. 

I set out as my yoga goals to become stronger, more flexible, and more relaxed.  These are certainly being accomplished and I know will only get better as my practice progresses. 

Thanks for your gentle spirit in teaching us and your example of peace.  I hope to exemplify more love and peace in my life with your help.

 --Kerry Ann, Apple Valley    



Yoga is to the soul, what rain is to nature.

 --Claudia, La Verkin




At Inner Light Yoga Studio, I have strived to lengthen my hamstrings and learned to drop my shoulder blades, and yet, the most important “muscle” I have exercised is my heart.

Through yoga with Enilse, I have realized that to open one’s heart, spiritual gentleness, flexibility and acceptance are the first steps. There is so much judgment in our culture and within my own heart. For the past 24 years I have been in the habit of comparing myself to and judging myself against others, when really we are all beautiful, worthy creations with an Inner Light. Yoga has helped me to begin to realize this, to start honoring it and also to start trusting my Inner Light/ Intuition/ Spirit- instead of trying so hard to control.

--Sarah, St. George



I absolutely love your class. The instruction is so complete that I really feel like I can do this and it has given me a desire to keep trying to achieve more than I ever thought possible for someone my age. I can actually move my neck to look OVER my

shoulder and that hasn’t happened for years. The new movement that I am experiencing is incredible. Thank you.

-- Vicki , Toquerville



Yoga is great for balance, limber joints etc. It does make life worth-while. Yoga  Goes great with meditation, hand in hand. It all opens up the horizon of living. Three years ago I couldn't touch my toes. Now I can!

-- Lew, St. George



Last night I went to Yoga class and I was so tired. I had been up since 4:00am because I had to work that morning. I had also been moving to a new home the past week, so I just had nothing left. Yoga class was hard for me, but I got some extra relaxation poses. After class was over, I drove home and when I pulled up in the driveway I thought, “Wow, I feel pretty good”. It amazes me that every time I have gone to yoga being tired, I always feel better after class.

I have been going to yoga for about a year a half now. When I first started, my posture was terrible. I always kept my shoulders forward—now I stand a lot taller & keep my shoulders pulled back at least most of the time. I am just over all much more aware of how I stand and how I hold myself. Thank you!

--Jeannie, La Verkin




Other testimonials


Thank you for allowing me to take up space in your yoga classes.  You are saving my life!

Please accept this small contribution to your scholarship fund for teens~ what a great idea & service.

Thank you for re-acquainting me with my body/mind awareness.  You are a wonderful person & teacher.


B. Ross(Crestone, CO)

You are a cool refreshment for my body & spirit!



Out of everything I've done for my back, Yoga has helped me the most!

Thank you so much for the kindness you've shown.  You are a great Yoga teacher.


Bonnie(Rockville, UT)



I preferred to go for hikes instead of doing Yoga.  Then, last winter, out of desperation I asked for private Yoga sessions. My lung problems had gotten to the point that I had difficulty hiking.  Well, the Yoga has expanded my lungs and boosted my immune system so that with yoga & drugs I can hike once again.  Yoga has been incorporated into my routine and will be a permanent part of my life.  Thanks!

Enilse's Husband,

Ray(Hurricane, UT)


She is the teacher I would want if we could have anyone in the country.  She is dedicated, patient, extremely knowledgeable, and has the ability to convey her ideas to people like me - people who had absolutely no idea of what they were doing when they first started.

G. Charles(Hurricane, UT)


Enilse, I enjoy learning from you, your warmth & knowledge & compassion makes for a beautiful healing environment.  You are a very special person.



Yoga is a gift that has given me an improved quality of life and even allowed me to regain an inch or so of height which age and poor posture had taken away.  I thank you, Enilse, for your knowledge, your understanding, and your inspiration which has enabled me to to feel physically and spiritually rejuvenated.

L.G.(St. George)


You are a natural teacher.  Gently stretching out those tight spots in a supportive atmosphere is just what I need. Thank you!