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January is the month of embarking on a healthy lifestyle and making, breaking and re-evaluating New Year's resolutions. Yoga, the now nearly ubiquitous form of mind-body fitness and spiritual growth, is part of millions of Americans' New Year's lists.
     Yoga Day
USA -a national event to give people still waiting to try Yoga the opportunity to sample a class; and for regulars a time to try something new, breathe new life into their practice, build community and raise money for worthwhile causes.
    Yoga is growing in popularity in
Southern Utah and around the country.  According to a survey completed by researchers at Harvard Medical School in 1998, an estimated 15 million Americans have practiced Yoga.  The majority of them (90%) find that Yoga is helpful for health conditions, including:  back or neck pain, anxiety, arthritis, depression and fatigue.  According to a recent Harris poll initiated by Yoga Journal, one in six respondents, or 35.5 million people, wants to try Yoga within the next 12   months; and more then half of the general population (109.7 million people) have at least a casual interest in Yoga.

Alliance is a non-profit, national organization founded to set standards for Yoga Education and Teaching in the U.S.  This year, YA is sponsoring its largest Yoga Day USA campaign yet.  

For more information, contact Inner Light Yoga Center, 134 S. Main, Hurricane at 635-3981 or e-mail You can also visit Yoga Day USA 2 website at

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