Web of Life

I used animal(mammals, fish & birds), human, plant, insect, and rock images to create this web.

Miscellaneous Findings

I have found a Point which I feel is the Archaic Precursor of the Corner Tang Blade!

Tang Blade.....Crestone Precursor

The Crestone Precursor to the Tang Blade has a flat edge on the corner, a grove for holding & rough notches for attaching .

This is a Photo of the Precursor to the Tang style blade as I feel it could have been Hafted in the small leg bone of a Mule Deer.

Petroglyph                        Spiral Galagy

Mimbres Pot                          Mimbres Overlay

It has often been speculated that native peoples have been able to reach a higher level of consciousness, either through Shamanic Practices or the use of Hallucinogenic Plants.

I just made a discovery which may confirm this belief! I noticed a Petroglph from the Fremont Petroglyphs at Dinosaur National Monument, Utah which looked to me like a Spiral Galaxy. After a Quick search, I found what appears to be a perfect match. It even appears to denote the bright stars! This Petroglyph photo is taken from the Scott Files, Peabody Museum, Harvard University. This also brought about further speculation as to the origins of some of the concepts for the unique Mimbres art work!

Ray Urbaniak


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