It was mentioned in a Latin text dating from the ninth century titled Navigatio Santi Brendani Abatis (Voyage of Saint Brendan the Abbot). It described the voyage as having taken place in the sixth century. They finally arrived at the beautiful land they called “Promised Land of the Saints.” They explored until they came to a great river that divided the land. The journey of Brendan and his fellow monks took seven years.


CBS Evening News - March 23, 1987

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Ogham Rupestrian writing in Ireland


Celtic Ogham Writing in Utah?

Other Pictograph Caves also have the writing, but I will not include them at this time
 by Chris Patenaude

Chris Patenaude identified some of the pictograph writing, which we photographed in a Shaman Cave as referring to a Fertility Goddess known in Ireland as Sheela na Gig(Sheila)

The photo below is from the Ireland..

On May 28, 2007 Ray Urbaniak & Enilse Sehuanes-Urbaniak visited the May 7th 2006 site to confirm whether it was aligned for the Summer Solstice or not.
At that time Enilse noticed 3 small petroglyphs above the cave which Ray & Tom had not previously noticed.
The human glyph appeared to be a female fertility figure resembling Sheela na Gig.

Sunrise June 20, 2007

 by Chris Patenaude


A few other experts in the field have been asked to decipher the May 7th, 2006 site writing & they are presently working on the project.


Just as a curiosity I have included the next slide which may support visitation from Ogham writing people(photo from Shaman Cave).

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