Dear Friends & Customers:


Enilse & Ray Urbaniak of Natural Frequency   are no longer making Miniature Pottery Jewelry or doing shows. In fact, 1½ years ago we moved from Colorado to SW Utah and have moved on to other projects & interests(*see below for Ray).  Thank you for the enthusiastic support you have given us over the years!

Now we are excited to share with you Enilse’s first set of  Giclée prints of original paintings Enilse has been creating for the last 3 years.


The series is called Vision Quest.

The prints are by the  Giclée process…

       Giclée (pronounced zhee-CLAY), is French for “a spurt or spray,” in this case of ink.  It’s an art world tag applied to a digital ink-on-paper print process using a state of the art high-resolution inkjet printer, lightly modified to accept fine watercolor and printmaking papers.  Giclée printing is rapidly gaining popularity and competing with the traditional processes of lithography (fine offset printing) and Serigraphy (fine silkscreening) in the commercial fine art world of limited edition print publishing.

    The Giclée print excells in its capacity to reproduce original art with unlimited exactness and precision.  The look and feel of a finely crafted Giclée print can be so beautiful as to be astounding.  The inks are sprayed — four million drops of ink per second — into the fibers of fine art watercolor papers and become a unified part of the paper.  This marriage of color and fiber creates a very rich, luminous quality, with amazing clarity, tonality and color fidelity.  Unlike chemical photography and printmaking, Giclée prints are environmentally friendly, utilizing water-based, non-toxic organic inks.


These limited edition prints are on Summerset Velvet 150#, 100% cotton rag Archival paper.

Each print is numbered and signed, and has a ½ “ border on 3 sides and a 1” border on the bottom.

They are provided in a clear hinged top plastic pouch, and are not matted or framed.


The larger prints are in editions of 600 each and are $ 65 per copy, and the small ones are in editions of 900 each and are $ 25 per copy.


Mailing charge is $5 flat charge regardless of the number of prints purchased.

Utah Residents add 6.25% sales tax.


              About the artist & her paintings:  Enilse Sehuanes-Urbaniak majored in Painting, receiving her BFA from the Philadelphia College of Art in 1984. Her long time interest in drawing and painting has allowed her to explore a broad fascination in symbols and mythology of Native American Art & other Indigenous Cultures and from around the world. After 14 years of running a successful one-of-a-kind  “Aromatic Miniature Pottery Jewelry” business with her husband, she to returns to her original love, painting. Inspired by years of painting miniatures on clay, her paintings continue to be small in scale and highly detailed in execution. The original paintings are executed in Gouache Paints (a water based semi-opaque paint similar to water colors) on Arches watercolor paper.


The unfolding of each image may take weeks as the “story” takes shape in the form of symbols, colors, textures, luminous light, and the beauty of the female form. The women in the paintings often represent The Divine Mother, Mother Nature, the Goddess etc. The artist invites the viewer to look closely, observe and experience the images as she becomes the subject. The environment of the images portrays fertile lands, the mysterious desert, bodies of water and vast star studded skies inspired by the incredible richness of our earth, sky and animal kingdom. Enilse believes that it is through contemplating the gifts of nature that we learn to look deeply inside ourselves realizing how inter-connected we are with everything that exists around us.


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